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AMI 6-12 Orientation

The AMI 6-12 Montessori Orientation Course (formerly called Montessori Assistants Certificate) aims to deepen the Participants’ knowledge of human development at this stage of development from the Montessori point of view. Also enhancing the acquisition of theoretical and practical tools that allow us to reformulate our educational practice and our relationship with Children, taking into account their true needs and characteristics, whether in the classroom context or in the family context.

Undoubtedly an intensive Course that intends to respond to the current demands for new answers, new alternatives, based on a new vision of Childhood and Children, towards a world of Peace.

General Information

100% Online

Entirely online course, including the Observation component. 


Sessions in English with simultaneous translation into Portuguese. You may hand in your assignments in Portuguese or English, and all required readings will be sent in both languages as well.


The Course includes 9 hours of Observation so that you can put into practice and understand all the content spoken throughout the Course. (Requirement for access to the AMI Certificate)

AMI Trainer

Course taught by the incredible AMI 6-12 Trainer Rebecca Dallam.

AMI Certificate

International AMI Certificate (Association Montessori Internationale), with international recognition. 

Rebecca Dallam

Who is this training for?


Teachers / Educators

School Directors and Administrators

People interested in Child Development

Certificate Requirements

Testimonials from previous Participants

Jardim da Descoberta will help the adult to SEE the child through the filter of Love and Peace The course can help a lot in the relationship with children and with society in general. For me it confirmed what I already practiced and gave me extra tools for my daughter's education. Thank you 🙏
Maria Pires
Very dedicated team to help change the teaching paradigm - I have taken 2 Montessori assistant courses with them so far and fully recommend ❤️
Anca Maria Luca
Jardim da Descoberta is a reference in Portugal for those who want to deepen their Montessori knowledge. I took the Montessori Assistant 0-3 course and loved it! I will certainly do more trainings. Maria and Catarina are tireless and their work is commendable! Please continue! Thank you for your incredible enthusiasm and dedication!
Rita Reis
I love the Jardim da Descoberta. An amazing project that has helped me a lot to better understand children and apply Montessori pedagogy. Catarina and Maria are tireless and amazing. Super recommended.
Susana Ferreira
The Jardim da Descoberta was the best of the best I have ever met. It is a transformation of everything...in life , in the respectful way of seeing children, in the way of understanding what we are today and how we can make it easier for children to be what they need to be...themselves. Congratulations to Maria and Catarina for this wonderful work. Whoever has the opportunity, please take the courses ❤ May all educators, teachers, mothers and fathers have this opportunity in their lives as soon as possible, because children and education yearn for good change.🙌 And it is no accident that the most developed countries have a large portion of schools with Montessori methodologies.❤🙏 Let the change begin. Let's do it!!! It's a path of no return and you'll love it. Gratitude for having had this opportunity ❤
Ge Santos
I took the Montessori Assistant 0-3 course with Jardim da Descoberta and both Maria and Catarina are tireless, always available to help us. I can't wait to get to June and be together again in 3-6 ❤️ Super recommended
Andreia Dias
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